Rada Beaute Academy

Pleased To Help You Grow Your Future

At Rada Beaute Academy, we have created promotional bundles with curated courses that help you to expand your passion and cosmetology knowledge to grow your beauty career. Our program bundles are meticulously assembled to maximize your beauty school education experience.

Professional Hair Artist | Makeup Artist

In our Professional Hair Artist & Makeup Artist promotional package, we include our hair artist program that teaches you the basics of curling and pinning and builds up to expert-level hairstyles and procedures. In tandem with our makeup artist program, this course will show you detailed step-by-step makeup applications, skin care, and proper use techniques for professional makeup products and brushes that you’ll use to create phenomenal makeup looks. With these two programs working together, you will be ready to deliver the best results in hair and makeup application and procedures for any client at any special occasion.

Pricing Options

With Our Promo Packages We Have Included The Valuable Course Kits Of Each Single Course Program In Your Promo Package For Your Ultimate Learning Experience And Creativity.

  • $495.00

    Professional Hair | Makeup Artist Promo Package

  • $2,580.00

    Promo Package + Course Kits