About This Course

At Rada Academy, our specialized program on hair designing covers basic to elaborate hair curling, styling, and pinning techniques. You will learn and develop skills to prep hair for any desired hairstyle on a variety of hair types and textures. You will learn over 20+ non-bridal and bridal hair designs. All your education will be delivered step by step to give you the right essentials to launch your career as professional hair artist. Our award-winning instructors will provide you the beauty education on how to use styling tools and professional hair products. You will work with an instructor one on one on your hair mannequin to refine and perfect your education. You will complete your education in the profession of beauty business to grow your income.

1201: Professional Hair Artist Course

In this specialized program of hair styling, you'll learn basic to elaborate bridal & non-bridal hair designs.

  • 100% Online

  • 20 Hours of Hairstyles Educational Videos (20)

  • PDF Education

  • Highly Affordable

  • Accredited Certificate

  • 1-Year Access

Course Curriculum

Module 1:  Introduction of Hair Artistry, Skills & Consultation

Module 2:  Hair Artist Essentials & Designing

Module 3:  Theory of Hair Direction, Preparation & Sectioning

Module 4:  All Down Hair Styling With Curling Iron | Hair Design #1

Module 5:  Thermal Curls with Clip-In Extensions | Hair Design #2

Module 6:  Classic Half Up & Down | Hair Design #3

Module 7:  Detailed Texture Pinned Down | Hair Design #4

Module 8:  Vintage Waves With Hair Wand | Hair Design #5

Module 9:  Ponytail With Volume & Detail | Hair Design #6

Module 10:  Detailed Curled Hair Pinned To The Side | Hair Design #7

Module 11:  Low Middle Up-Do | Hair Design #8

Module 12:  Messy Chignon Up-Do | Hair Design #9

Module 13:  French Twist | Hair Design #10

Module 14:  Asymmetrical Bob Up-Do | Hair Design #11

Module 15:  Classic Chignon With Hair Stuffing | Hair Design #12

Module 16:  Classic High Bun | Hair Design #13

Module 17:  Textured Ponytail | Hair Design #14

Module 18:  Low Up-Do Without Curls | Hair Design #15

Module 19:  Traditional Ethnic Up-Do | Hair Design #16

Module 20:  Detailed Braid Up-Do | Hair Design #17

Module 21:  Romantic Up-Do With Braid | Hair Design #18

Module 22:  Textured Hair Curled Up-Do | Hair Design #19

Module 23:  High Up-Do With Curls | Hair Design #20    

Benefits of Taking This Course

There are numerous benefits you can take advantage of when choosing to complete this information packed course. The benefits include:

Our Professional Hair Artist Program is taught in 23 modules:

  • You may complete your program on your own pace
  • You will receive online access for 6 months
  • You will learn in-depth detail of this growing beauty industry
  • You will build a strong foundation as a professional hair artist
  • You will receive lifetime support from Rada Academy
  • You will develop advanced techniques which will help you in your career
  • You will obtain your certificate upon successful completion of the program(s)

Course Kit Includes:

The kit includes everything you need for this program, and is priced at wholesale cost of $995 (plus additional shipping if required). Upon Program completion, you will receive 30% off your future hair products purchases at Rada Academy.

Professional curling iron 1 inch   
Professional curling iron 1¼ inch 1
One set of Remy top quality clip-in 1
Hair mannequins 2
Mannequin table stand
Hair section clips
Rada hair stuffing
Synthetic hair braid
Hair detangle brush 1
Styling comb
Hair pomade 1
Hair spray
Shine spray 1
Hair bobby pins box 1
Hair bobby pins box 2
Hair pins (black or brown) 1
Hair pins (black or brown) 1

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