About This Course

Our professional Cutting and Styling Program is desired to equip you with the fundamentals for cutting and styling hair. Hair cutting is the art of creating unique and versatile style to hair. Hair cutting techniques are determined based on the individual; head shape, face structure, body shape, hairline, and hair texture. With our in-depth education you will learn the proper terminology, principles, and techniques for a professional hair cutting procedure. Our Hair Cutting & Styling Program was confidently designed for your success and passion for the art of hair.

1206: Professional Hair Cutting Course

In this course, you'll learn Women and Men Hair Cutting and Hair Styling Procedures. Business Management.

  • 100% Online

  • 7 Hours of Hair Cutting Educational Videos (8)

  • PDF Education

  • Highly Affordable

  • 1-Year Access

Course Curriculum

Module 1:  Principle & Theory of Hair Cutting

Module 2:  Hair Cutting Tools, Body Position & Care

Module 3:  Education About Hair Styling

Module 4:  Blunt Hair Cutting & Styling

Module 5:  Vertical Long Layered Hair Cutting

Module 6:  Solid Form Dry Hair Cutting

Module 7:  Increased Layered Form Horizontal Line

Module 8:  Uniform Graduated Bob Hair Cutting

Module 9:  Uniform & Graduated Hair Cutting

Module 10:  Short Curly Hair Cutting

Module 11:  High Graduation Men's Hair cutting

Module 12:  Business of Hair Stylist


Benefits of Taking This Course

There are numerous benefits you can take advantage of when choosing to complete this information packed course. The benefits include:

Our Professional Hair Cutting Program is taught in 12 modules:

  • You may complete your program on your own pace
  • You will receive online access for 6 months
  • You will learn technical hair cutting procedures.
  • You will build a strong foundation as a professional hair artist
  • You will receive lifetime support from Rada Academy
  • You will develop advanced techniques in cutting which will help you in your career
  • You will obtain your certificate upon successful completion of the program(s)

Course Kit Includes:

The kit includes everything you need for this program, and is priced at wholesale cost of $1495 (plus additional shipping if required). After successful completion of the program, you will receive 30% off all future hair product purchases at Rada Beaute Academy.

Product Name Quantity Items in Kit
Mannequin head 2 2
Hair clips
4 1 set
Shampoo & Conditioner
2 1 of each
Hair styling foam
1 1
Hair setting spray
1 1
Paddle brush
1 1
Thinning Shears
Razor 1
Tail comb 1 1
Cutting comb
Wide tooth comb
1 1
Blow dryer
1 1
Round brush Set (3 Sizes)
3 3
Clipper 1 1
Trimmer 1 1
Hair pins (black or brown) 1 1 pack

Pricing Options

Join Our Online Academy and Save With Our Meticulously Selected Course Kits, Designed For Your Convenience and Creativity.

  • $145.00

    Professional Hair Cutting Program

  • $195.00

    Rada Cosmetology Book

  • $595.00

    Hair Cutting Kit Price

  • $1,695.00

    1206:4 weeks In-Class Program

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